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Dynamic Occlusion is a tool that will allow you to run your game with a lighter and focused on dynamic objects in the game experience. although it served in all cases.
How to use: Simply add the script DynamicOcclusion.cs on your camera or on an empty GameObject. to run you must assign the item to a layer intended to dynamic Occlusion and this object must not be static. And optional dynamic LOD can add the items you want to put more performance. The advantage is that Dynamic LOD automatically calculates its volume and does not interfere with the StaticBatching also StaticBatchUtility you can call the method and have no problems.
Occlusion culling 100% + System dynamic levels of detail for unity + Dynamic Integrated Quality ChangerNo need baking time
compatible with procedural scenes 100%
system uses frustum plans
Shuriken particle works, Legacy Trail Render, Render Line, Billboards and Skinned.
Occlusion of lights and Lens Flares
Occlusion of sound
It supports real-time shadows
supports dynamic batching

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